Hope Foundation Bethel International Church Ministries

Hope Foundation BICM's Mission

Our mission is to provide clean drinking water through the drilling of wells and water treatment in Kenya.

How You Can Help

We will drill wells and enhance access to clean water in Northern Kenya. Water scarcity has compromised education and sanitation, forcing girls to withdraw from school to support their families.

People are forced to walk over five hours to collect water. The little water they do collect is prioritized for drinking and cooking, leaving them with little for sanitation.

A $10 donation gives 1 child access to safe water.

Visit the Clean Water Project website for more details.

Hope Foundation

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King James Pure Bible Search

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Updates and Bug Trackers

Mailing List Icon Join the purebiblesearch-release mailing and notifications list.
This mailing list is used to notify users of future versions, ports, and updates.
Bug Report Icon Use the Ticket System to enter bug reports and feature requests.

Pure Bible Search Web Channel

KJPBS WebChannel Pure Bible Search Web Channel
Search the Bible in your Web Browser!

Works with mobile!

Tested on Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phones, even PlayStation 4
Works with FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE (10+ and mobile)
Requires HTML 5 browser with javascript enabled
(If you have difficulties, please try installing a different browser)

Note: This is a Live Internet browsing session and requires an internet data connection.
Accessing it and interacting with it to perform searches is just like accessing and browsing websites on your device. If you are on a limited data plan or are charged for data access, using this website will incur charges with your service provider. Therefore, if your internet service is limited or is charged for data usage, keep an eye on your account.


Media Drop

Video Reel Icon Pastor Mike Video on iPhone Videos Icon

Run King James Pure Bible Search Online!

Run KJPBS Online Desktop and Laptop users can also run the full King James
Pure Bible Search software online in your Web Browser!

Select either the VNC or Emscripten method for running it.
(Note: most people will have the best success with the VNC method!)


Program Binary Installer Package Downloads

Windows Icon Windows Release Version 3.0.0...
This link to download...
For Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,
Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Desktop and Laptops,
both 32-bit and 64-bit

Also runs on Intel-based Windows Tablets,
but NOT Windows RT which is ARM-based
md5sum: 9c780ca2f925b6b8660260f78d831b72 *KingJamesPureBibleSearch-3.0.exe

Apple Icon Mac Release Version 3.0.0...
This link to download...
Runs on all Intel-based 64-bit Mac OS-X 10.6 and higher

(Does not run on old 32-bit nor PPC Macs as Apple has dropped compiler support for PPC.
If you need a version to run on an old 32-bit Intel Mac or on OS-X 10.5,
visit the SourceForge site linked below and download Version 2.0.0 instead)
md5sum: bd3307758329af669d21a4ef468bb9fa *KingJamesPureBibleSearch-3_0_0-1-x86_64.dmg

Linux Icon Linux Release Version 3.0.0...
Self-Exetracting Multi-platform binary download
Runs on all Linux Standard Base 4.0+ Compliant Systems
Requires "lsb" package to be installed via your system package manager
or with a command such as "sudo apt-get install lsb".

This link to download for 32-Bit Systems...
md5sum: 446b834f3acf163dc62937c3914b1237 *kjvpurebiblesearch-3.0.0-2.i486.run

This link to download for 64-Bit Systems...
md5sum: 40158e1e39f3803010976f150c051933 *kjvpurebiblesearch-3.0.0-2.x86_64.run

Note: To install on linux, open a terminal shell in the folder where
you downloaded the above file and enter:
chmod 775 <Filename-of-Downloaded-File> ./<Filename-of-Downloaded-File> For example: chmod 775 kjvpurebiblesearch-3.0.0-2.i486.run ./kjvpurebiblesearch-3.0.0-2.i486.run This will make the file executable and run it.  You can also do this graphically with your system's File Manager.  Just edit the properties of the file (usually by right-clicking and selecting "properties"), make it executable by you, and double-click it to run it.  Note that some Linux distributions may have an incorrect text file association with this file-type. If the graphical method doesn't work, please try the terminal method above.

CD ISO Images

Composite CD ISO Download Composite CD ISO Image Version 3.0.0...
This link to download the CD ISO Image...
CD ISO Image for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Includes complete Installers, Raw Portable Drive Images,
and Run-from-CD Images for all Opearting Systems
md5sum: 1e83d64f688b0c8e8f261130f05d3d93 *KJPBS-3.0.0-composite.iso


Users Manual

User's Manual Online Read the Users Manual for Version 3.0 ONLINE!
This link to read the Users Manual Online
User's Manual PDF Download Users Manual for Version 3.0...
Requires PDF viewer
(Note: Is already included in the installer packages above!)
This link to view/download the manual in PDF format...
md5sum: 29f68e01da6f3ef7a6992ef037cf400a *KingJamesPureBibleSearch.pdf


Source Code

Source Code Image Visit the KingJamesPureBibleSearch Project on SourceForge
Or Fork me on GitHub
This application was written in C++ and uses the Qt cross-platform UI Framework

Coming Soon!

Anroid Icon

(Android app version coming soon!)


Change Logs

Changes from Version 2.0 to Version 3.0:

Changes from Version 1.1 to Version 2.0:

Changes from Version 1.0 to Version 1.1:

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