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VNC vs Emscripten:

  Virtual Network Computer (VNC) Emscripten-Qt Javascript

Run Location? On Remote Computer On Your PC

Startup Speed? Fast, about 5 seconds Slow, must download many megs of data

Slow Internet Latency? Sluggish - Doesn't work well with slow internet connections Initial download/startup will be slow, but then runs full-speed (Best for slow connections)

Data Bandwidth? Very High - Like streaming a movie Low - Initial Download of 30-40mb only

Browser Friendly? Works on all modern browsers Works on most modern browsers, has issues with older IE, may have spurious script busy warnings

Works with Proxy Servers? Maybe
(Depends on the Proxy Server. Some proxy servers can't proxy the special TCP ports used by VNC)
(All standard web proxies that can proxy the standard HTTP port 80 work)

Works on Mobile? Yes
(But is as clunky as using any desktop app on a mobile)

Sandboxed/Lite Version? Yes, but has more selectable options Yes, bare-minimum

Remembers Settings? No, Like running "Stealth Mode" No, Like running "Stealth Mode"

Can Follow Internal Web Links? No
Links within the application for the instruction manual, the website, and Bethel church do not function. While the VNC client is running within a web browser, KJPBS is not and therefore it doesn't have access to your web browser to navigate you to those links, nor does it have a PDF viewer for the manual.
Since the Emscripten version is actually running inside your web browser, it can instruct the browser to open website links or the online version of the manual.

Lite Version? Yes, Doesn't support Notes/Cross-Refs/Highlighters Yes, Doesn't support Notes/Cross-Refs/Highlighters

Selectable Fonts? Yes No
(Due to download size limitations)

Webster Dictionary? Yes No
(Due to download size limits)

Experimental Features? Yes
(The VNC platform is a perfect place to testout new features, both in alpha and beta stage prior to release.)
(Some new features may appear in the Emscripten version, but cross-compiled Javascript is not the best place to debug it)

Multiple Bible Databases? Yes
(Currently English/Spanish)
(Due to download size limits)

Maximum Concurrent Users? Currently Limited to 20 Unlimited

Maximum Session Time? One Hour Unlimited

Subject to Downtime? Yes
(May be shutdown during peak internet usage periods due to cost)
(Works as long as website is up and running)

Requires Special Accounts/Access? Yes
(You must enter a CAPTCHA to prove you are human to keep web bots out)

Latest Alpha/Beta Testing Versions? Yes
(From time-to-time new software will be deployed for testing purposes)
(Not as likely due to debugging limitation and built-time restrictions)

Free Of Charge? Yes